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Welcome to Central PetSmart! Take advantage of a 10% discount on all products, use promo code "Free10" at checkout. For further inquiries, feel free to contact us at
Welcome to Central PetSmart! Take advantage of a 10% discount on all products, use promo code "Free10" at checkout. For further inquiries, feel free to contact us at

Zoo Med ReptiBreeze LED Deluxe Screen Cage Black, 1ea/MD

by Zoo Med
Original price $199.99 - Original price $199.99
Original price
$199.99 - $199.99
Current price $199.99
  • Product Gross Weight: 8.1000 lb
  • Product Net Weight: 8.1000 lb
  • Product Height: 4.00 in
  • Product Length: 31.00 in
  • Product Width: 16.50 in
      • Use Instructions: 1. Attach top panel to back panel: Place the Back panel on its long edge. Locate the edges labeled C on both the Back and Top panels. Attach the Top panel to the Back panel using two long screws.2. Attach bottom panel to back panel: Align the letters K on the Bottom and Back panels. Screw the panels together using long screws.3. Attach the right side panel: Match letters D, F, and J on the Right Side panel to the corresponding letters on the Top, Back and Bottom panels. Use long screws to attach panels together.4. Insert lower door: hinge pin and attach left side panel: Turn the assembly over so that it is resting on the Right Side panel. Locate the hole for the Bottom Door hinge pin on the inside edge of the Right Side panel. Align the I label on the Bottom Door with the corresponding label on the Bottom panel (the sticker must face out). Insert the right Bottom Door hinge pin into the hole on the Right Side panel. While holding the Bottom Door in place, set the Left Side panel on the assembly, making sure that the left Bottom Door hinge pin goes into the hole in the inside edge of the Left Side panel. Attach the Left Side panel using long screws. Shut the Bottom Door and rotate latches on either side to lock.5. Attach upper main door: Turn the assembly onto the back panel and set the Upper Main Door in place by matching the labels. Use the four short screws to attach the hinges to the Right Side panel.6. Insert floor panel: At this time, you may remove the Panel Identification Labels. Place the terrarium upright and insert the Floor Panel through the Upper Main Door.7. Insert tray. Shut the Upper Main Door and lock it by rotating the latches, making sure that the latch pegs on the door fit into the recesses in the latches.8. Connect the LED power supply to the top panel.9. Plug into a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) outlet. Your Reptibreeze is assembled and now ready to use.
      • Warranty Description: 1 Year Warranty
      • Locking Mechanism: Yes
      • Opening Description: Front Opening

      Open air black aluminum Screen Cage habitat with White and Red LED Lights, Acrylic Door and Bottom Tray! 24 built-in (Half Watt) for beautiful daytime viewing of your animals and 12 built-in (half watt) red LED lights for nighttime viewing! Built-In Light controller with 3 settings lets you turn on white, red or both LED's at once. Clear full acrylic front door for optimum viewing pleasure! New slide out, water-tight bottom tray for easy cleaning. Great for *Old World Chameleons, small Green Iguanas, Anoles or other arboreal lizards (*must add Zoo Med's UVB lighting for these species) or for Crested Geckos, Green Snakes or Garter Snakes. All hardware included - easy to assemble using only a screwdriver. Available in two sizes (Medium and Extra Large).