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Welcome to Central PetSmart! Take advantage of a 10% discount on all products, use promo code "Free10" at checkout. For further inquiries, feel free to contact us at
Welcome to Central PetSmart! Take advantage of a 10% discount on all products, use promo code "Free10" at checkout. For further inquiries, feel free to contact us at

Zoo Med Repti Heat Cable 1ea/52 ft, 150 W

by Zoo Med
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$69.99 - $69.99
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  • Product Gross Weight: 0.8600 lb
  • Product Net Weight: 0.8600 lb
  • Product Height: 2.50 in
  • Product Length: 8.70 in
  • Product Width: 5.00 in
    • Use Instructions: 1. Remove the Repti Heat Cable from package and inspect for any damage to the cable or plug. If any damage is noticed, return the product to place of purchase. This product can be used inside or outside of terrariums.NOTE: The first 6’ of cable from the plug end is not heated to allow only the heated portion to be used in or on the terrarium. DO NOT allow the cable to cross itself as overheating could occur. Always maintain the minimum safe distance of 1 ¼” (3cm) between loops or runs of cable to avoid overheating and possible fire!2. Use a thermometer to monitor the temperature inside the terrarium. Be sure that the temperature is within the appropriate range for your species. Zoo Med’s ReptiTemp® Digital Infrared Thermometer (Item RT-1) is a good tool for measuring temperatures in different locations throughout the terrarium.3. If ambient temperatures outside the terrarium reach 80° F (26 C) or higher, then the heat cable should be used with an appropriate thermostat (like Zoo Med’s Hygrotherm (Item HT-10) or ReptiTemp 500R Thermostat (Item RT-500R).
    • Caution: Keep out of reach of children
    • Safety Warnings: 1. Do not cut or alter the Repti Heat Cable in any way.2. Do not expose the plug to water. 3. Do not submerge the cable in water. Not for use with aquariums or aquatic habitats.4. Do not allow cable to cross over other strands of cable. Do not allow cable runs to be closer together than 1 ¼” (3cm).5. Do not plug this product in with the cables coiled together as extreme overheating and possible fire can occur.6. Do not operate the unit with a damaged cord, plug, or other component. If the cable shows any signs of damage, discontinue use immediately.7. Do not alter or modify this product. Contact an electrician if you are unsure about the electrical connection.8. Do not encapsulate the cable or bury in terrarium substrate.9. Only for use with glass terrariums. Do not use with terrariums made of plastic, wood, or other material.10. For indoor use only.POLARIZED: The product has a POLARIZED plug (one blade is wider than the other). To reduce the risk of electric shock, this plug is intended to fit in a polarized outlet only one way. If the plug does not fit fully in the outlet, reverse the plug. If it still does not fit, contact a qualified electrician. Do not modify the plug in any way.
    • Warranty Description: 1 Year Warranty
    • Cord Length: 78 Inches
    • Temperature Control: No
    • Wattage: 150 Watts

      Repti Heat Cable allows you to put the heat right where you need it. Wrap it around branches or cage furniture! Use it underneath the tank or in breeder racks! Flexible, water resistant, and durable Repti Heat Cable has numerous uses for the professional or the hobbyist. Additional Information: Inexpensive, low wattage heaters. Secondary heat source. 6.5 foot cold lead.